What about Board & Care Facilities?

Board and Cares are licensed assisted living homes – just like the bigger communities. Subject to the same laws and inspections as larger communities. Owners are licensed administrators, some have hospice waivers.

Where do these residential, board and care communities fit in?

  • More frail seniors who need closer supervision and oversight
  • Most have 2 caregivers for the average of 6 residents
  • Some have one awake caregiver at night.
  • Caregivers can be supervised to implement physical therapy on a more ongoing basis
  • Some communities owned by RN’s, can administer sliding scale diabetic care
  • Will hand feed, and prepare special meals
  • Able to anticipate and diffuse behaviors much more readily with fewer distractions.
  • Hospice friendly – if they have hospice waivers in place
  • All work with full incontinence, more quickly and during the night.

All inclusive pricing not likely to increase during the time of residency.

In San Diego County, pricing ranges from $1200 (rarely) to $10,000 (also rarely), but most are$2000-$4500 per month depending on land value, and the amount of competition in the area.

No longer must frail seniors go to a nursing home. For long term care, they will receive more care in a residential board and care home.

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