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Dispelling the Nursing Home Myth for Long 
Term Care
“Most seniors will never need to go to a nursing home”

Nursing Homes, (aka convalescent homes) are for seniors who have a medical need or who are low income (below $1000 in most cases).

Nursing Homes are for residents with medical needs: a feeding tube, a trachea, sliding scale diabetes with insulin injections that they cannot self-administer, or open sores beyond Stage 2.  

Nursing Homes are not for seniors just because he/she is 
incontinent, bowel and bladder
has dementia/Alzheimer’s
in need of medication management
In need of special diets or special food preparation

Nursing Homes are not the only solution for seniors who have low incomes.  

If you have assets, nursing homes are one of the most expensive options.

Nursing Homes do NOT provide a high level of care. Most patients don’t see a nurse in a nursing home. They see LVN’s at the most, but usually only trained, non-skilled caregivers, and in the majority of cases, there are not enough of those to provide adequate care. Some families hire private caregivers if they can afford it because residents do feel neglected.

THE OPTION is assisted living. Licensed by the state, assisted living communities and residential care homes (aka board and cares) provide non-skilled workers at a higher ratio, to care for seniors at all stages of aging. So – they will do full transfers, special diets, and feeding assistance, incontinence care, medication management, personal hygiene, cueing, and loving care for seniors with any type of dementia – in a secured environment. This option is PRIVATE PAY ONLY, and in most cases ranges from $1200/mo to $10,000 per month – depending on level of care, location, and type of room.

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